Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Update: NEWSFLASH: Canada is the best.


We could barely keep calm through our blueberry pancake breakfast. Then it was off to the store to stock up on afternoon brew-ha-has and munchies to fuel stress eating.

Game time.

I am sure I don't need to tell you what happened, since everyone in this whole country was tuned in. Squamish was a ghost town. The streets were quiet in Vancouver, unless there was a screen close by.

Gerhard, John and I camped out on the couch at his place and hopped on the crazy ride with our compatriots.

That goal with 24 seconds to go left us gobsmacked, but we held onto our hope, shouting "I believe" at the TV and doing anxious laps between the kitchen and living room. We probably looked like a beer commercial, fist pumping, shouting and jumping out of our seats for both first period goals.

Then that blessed moment when Sidney Crosby made the dreams of a nation come true.

So today, we have the most gold medals ever won by a host nation.

We have the most gold medals ever won by any nation, ever, at any Olympics.

Canada's made history.

And today's game is the one we'll be asking "where were you when?" about for years to come.

Well, I was high-fiving in Squamish.

It's damn good to be Canadian.

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