Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Update: GOLD at the WSC!

What a night! Before you ask if I was "there", as in right there, as in standing next to the track when Jon Montgomery came skeleton-ing in for a victorious fourth lap ... I'll tell you I worked entry today, which means I was nowhere near the track.

You might think I'm bummed but really, it was almost as cool being there when all the Canadians decked out in all sorts of apparel with "Canada" stuck on, carrying flags, cowbells, signs and all the rest emerged chanting, singing and taking running starts at hugging our volunteers, plus of course, high fives.

Montgomery's mom, dad and sister came by and were so stoked to share their son's moment with the volunteers too. "I'm gonna hug you," his sister said to one of our team members.

So that's the magic from WSC tonight.

Skeleton slider comes in on their second slide -- Go Team Canada!

This morning I rode up the gondola with British Alpine Skier Chemmy Alcott. She was so down to earth, I almost didn't realize I was chatting with an athlete. She told me she does most of her training in Austria, then in the summer moves around between New Zealand and Chile. She wished me a "lovely day". All I could do to keep from asking her for a pin. haha.

It's been pretty tough to take weather-wise the last few days. The sun beats down so hard we're all walking around without our coats on. The flip side is as soon as it goes down a little bit, it gets pretty chilly very fast.

Hard at work at the Accreditation checkpoint.

Volunteers and team leaders are holding on by the skin of their teeth by now. We're all very tired from working shifts where ten hours is on the short side. Not to mention all the walking. I'm worried some aren't going to bother sticking around til the end of bobsleigh (which starts tomorrow!) Some say this is a once in a lifetime experience ... but I'm worried that most are finding the truth in that only because after this, they'll never be foolish enough to sign up again.

Anyway, as the time goes on, I'm learning more about the sports we're hosting, finding more people to share "apres work" beers with (whenever we have the energy that is) and best of all, I'm coming up on four days off in a row with highlights including shredding Whistler (FINALLY!), a reception with David Suzuki, a visit to the Ontario House in Vancouver and maybe even hiking the Chief if the weather holds. Just gotta make it through the weekend!

PS, UNCLE SAM: do you know this lady??

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