Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Dirty Day.

It was a rainy day in Squamish today, but that didn't stop us.

Found myself on a guided tour of some of the Squamish single-track treasures, flowing downhills and even a few gnarly climbs. Not only that, I got to do it all on one of the most fun bikes I've ever had the pleasure of riding: Santa Cruz's Nomad. I've heard it's good, but until I had one under me, I had no idea how flexible that bike is. It is the rig for this region, that's for sure. Six cushy inches in the front, and a matching six in the back, crazy responsive and you just feel like you're IN it the whole time which gave me way more confidence than I should have had for the terrain, in February, on a bike I'd never rode before. Not to mention it looks killer, and climbs like my Trek. It wasn't even all that heavy. Pretty stoked on it for sure. Thank you Priscilla!

Crispin and I (and Axl too) headed out for about 2 and a half hours and covered some trails around Alice Lake, including Credit Line (sooooo fun ... think flowy downhills, with the odd "kerplunk", berms and switch backs ... hmmm ... sounds like my credit line), Jack's Trail (memories of the Test of Metal!) the two-decker climb (ouch) and closing with the same downhill I closed my Good Friday Ride with last year. Just as fun the second time around, even in the rain.

If the Garmin can be believed, ride stats are as follows (no sensors were set up though, so this is all by satellite ... oh and it includes stops too):

Total elevation: 470m
Ride time: 2:18
Distance: 14.25km
Avg speed: 6.2km/h
Max speed: 36.5km/h
Terrain: 100% off road, right from Crispin and Priscilla's backyard
Temperature: around 5 degrees C
Conversation: excellent
Wardrobe: improvised
Riding: unbeatable.

It was an amazing treat to be reminded after a few months on the trainer and spin classes -- working hard, going nowhere -- what kind of joy comes from ripping up some singletrack. February Blahs: BEAT.

Me, crossin the bridges

Axl the trail dog

Cresting the Two-Decker (91m elevation change from top to bottom.)

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