Thursday, February 25, 2010


Don't read this.

You don't want to hear about the absolutely amazing time Gerhard and I had at Whistler today.

You don't want to hear about how the powder was still great, even a few days after the last snowfall. Especially off the Peak chair, where the sun was shining in VD Trees and the snow was poofing around my knees.

You don't want to know it's because there is literally NO ONE on the runs at Whistler (later we checked Blackcomb and the same is true there as well). Runs that are usually tracked out within a few hours were still fresh at the end of the afternoon.

You definitely don't want to hear about the whoop-worthy good time we had shredding in the park. My box-riding skills continue to improve (ha!) And I even braved a starfish on one of the jumps.

You probably aren't interested in hearing about riding through "Burn Trees" on Blackcomb — spikey black skeletons left over from the fires this summer. In the deep pow, in the quiet off-piste, with a light fog rolling in, it was a little eerie. Eerily epic.

For lunch we took in the view at the roundhouse, and shared a pitcher or two with some Fortins. It's funny going to Whistler with G. To me, it's about most the foreign place on earth. To G, it's like Cheers: everybody knows his name. So we met a bunch of snowboarding celebrities, and some not so celebrated; at every turn there was someone new to shake hands with.

With the roads all closed for the Olympics, we are now taking good old number 98 back to Squamish in our gear.

If you are a skier/rider, you know the best feeling of the day is when you finally get your feet out of your boots. Other than this crucial point, the bus is okay. Meanwhile, my toes are on fire.

In an hour or so, I'll finally have my gear off, and be just about ready for bed. Back to work tomorrow!

PS: Congrats to Canada’s women’s hockey team for their gold medal today!!

Inukshuk at the top of Whistler

Afraid of heights on the Peak-to-Peak

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