Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Update: Did it really happen?

Back in Toronto now, and it all seems like a dream.

Was I really there? Did it really happen?

In the aftermath, I'm looking forward to holding onto the amazing mood Canada's in right now. I'm also looking forward to a few good nights' sleep.

My last night in Squamish was spent with the Scarth's, who will be parents the next time I see them!! We made a tapas feast, and watched as the Closing Ceremonies finished off the games. Only Canada could get away with clowning about our initial troubles with the fourth cauldron arm. And kudos to us for not missing the opportunity to remind the world that we've got a sense of humour, even if we're the butt of the joke.

Once the Closing Ceremonies were over, we were all perplexed as to what we should do next. No Olympics to watch?! What?? Luckily, the Goonies were on and saved the day ... after all the amazing [experimental at times] treats, all four of us were soon blobs on the couch.

A fitting end.

My last day, I had time to kill before heading to the airport. So what else to do besides cut G's hair? I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Check out the full story on facebook.

Then my GQ man and I went to the Watershed for a quiet lunch, and a walk along the river. All too soon, it was time to go to the airport where I thought all kinds of pandemonium would await. But the Olympics weren't there anymore, either. By the time I checked in, it was just like any other day at YVR.

My flight wasn't until about 11pm Pacific Time ... which meant I landed at about 6:22am Eastern Time. Thank god Nancy was there to give me a lift downtown (nice or what?!) or who knows where I would have ended up in that state!

So ... now I'm back in Toronto and all screwed up. I woke up in the night, and couldn't figure out where I was. Oddly, my previous night terrors about the Sliding Centre returned because in the long list of possible sleeping spots (Squamish? no. Whistler? no. Bus? no. Airplane? no.), "stuck at the WSC" was back in the mix.

It's nice to be back ... I'm so glad I got to go ... but I sure miss the Olympics.

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