Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Pete's (and Toronto) Gets Its Own Bike!

I was in the shop last night catching up and what do I find but a brand new offering from Kona and Sweet Pete's! Here's a little write up from the site:

The Door Prize is a collaboration between Kona Bicycles and Sweet Pete's Bike Shop. Together we wanted to make a bike built specifically for the streets of Toronto. The Door Prize will accept racks, fenders, and baskets for all your commuter needs. It is Designed to be lighter, faster and nimbler, and is appropriately named for a city that seriously lacks bike lanes. The Door Prize is available in a full range of sizes and can be all yours for $579.99. So come on over and experience the good kinda of Door Prize, and remember this bike is sold exclusively at Sweet Pete's.

This is the commuter for me! The name is perfect, the styling cool, yet subdued so there's lots of room for customization. Check out the stickers! Awesome!

A special bike just for Torontonians is so cool. Have a little bit of city pride in your ride!

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  1. I'm not from Toronto. Does that mean I can't have the cool bike? :)