Monday, May 3, 2010

Moving Day!

I was pretty bummed to miss a weekend of riding before the next Ocup, and especially bummed that I couldn't race in the Super D and DH at Kelso beacuse I thought I was missing out on a great opportunity for fitness gains.

Turns out Moving Day is a workout and a half. Seriously considering a rest day to recover. My legs!! Wah!

Besides my aching muscles though, it all went off without a hitch (except for one little snag involving a closet rod and a superfluous trip to Home Depot -- so cliche!) and Gerhard and I are happily at home in the west end of Toronto.

Thinking it's going to be great.

For starters, this is the first time I've ever had a "bike room". And it's not just a bike room -- it's also full of ski/snowboard and other assorted sports "stuff" so it's all out of the way and neatly put in its place. It's one of my favourite things about the place.

My other favourite thing is having the whole fridge to ourselves!! No more sharing shelves!

So the place is coming together, and stay tuned for the housewarming party invite. Might be awhile though while we pick up a few missing pieces (like a couch, if you know anyone with a spare!)

This morning, I rode in for the first time and it was actually quite a little hike! Excited to add an hour of riding to my day. Tonight I'll go and check out the Humber River Park which is also our back yard and maybe drag my ass up some hill repeats around the Old Mill. Or I could even go and do some laps at High Park. So excited to be a cyclist in the west!

Tomorrow: Albion Preride at the Tuesday night series -- leaving at 3. Space for a couple more.

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