Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guerrillas in the City

Last week, Gerhard, Adlar and I decided to become vandals with a cause. The Toronto Guerrilla Gardeners organized a planting, and so off we went to meet our clandestine leader at a secret street corner with her sacks of seed bombs. It was all very cloak and dagger.

I've always had a healthy fear of authority (ahem) so I was a little worried that we could get into trouble for what we were doing. But the police drove by us and didn't seem to mind so it was easy to just enjoy a sunny evening's walk, making Toronto a little more pretty.

What is Guerrilla Gardening? Basically, illegal, non-permitted prettification of public spaces. GGs go around planting seeds and saplings to help bring a little colour and greenery to the corners of our city. Our mission included "seed bombs" which were biodegradable tea bags stuffed with potting soil and donated wildflower seeds. When they hit the ground, they break open and the contents are free to go wherever the wind takes them.

It was only about an hour of our time, we met some cool people, visited a park we'd never been to, hopped a fence, and threw things off bridges. What could be more fun?

PS - If anyone recognizes the zones in these photos and sees flowers growing there, let us know our mission was a success!

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