Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Euro World Cup: the first 15 minutes

Found this via via Andrew Watson and laughed out loud. Not that I've ever experienced it for myself, but this is certainly how I'd imagine it.

By Cody Canning:

"If I were asked to put a start lap of a World Cup into a worded description it would resemble the following:

"Ride for your life from a cheetah for 5 minutes. STOP!! Rock a crying baby to sleep while pounding Red Bulls for the next 30 seconds. Ride as fast as you can from a rabid Polar Bear for another 2 minutes and then compete in a jackass style slip in slide contest. Now its time to run from a fire breathing dragon for 2 more minutes up a slippery slope while jumping hurdles (bodies and bikes). Then you get tossed into the octagon for a short UFC match with some euro dude who just T-Boned you into a fence. Add in some more hardcore sprints for corners and some time spent waiting to get into a piece of singletrack while listening to elevator music. Wallah you’ve just experienced the first 15 minutes of a European World Cup."

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