Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Fourth Be With You

Great Tuesday, including an early-out at the office to beat the traffic up to Albion for the Tuesday night fun series!

Turned a pile of laps on the course, most of which will be on the Ocup adventure this weekend, but ended up having to pack it in before the race thanks to a tweaked knee (wtf?).

So hanging around the chalet as the waves headed out, we got to chatting with Chico. Turns out he's bumped into Hayden Christiensen recently, who's building a house for himself and his girlfriend Rachel Bilson up near Uxbridge. Chico introduced himself as the amazing trail builder and mountain bike promoter that he is and the next thing you know, he's handing over a b-card to facilitate Hayden's request that he take him on a tour! How cool is that?! Mountain biking with DARTH VADER!?

Anyway, since it's "Star Wars Day" I thought I'd share that with y'all. Ask Chico if anything ever came of it.

PS - Hayden, if you're reading this, and Rachel wants to go too, she's more than welcome to use my bike. I already let Chico know. ;)

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