Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twas The Night Before Racing ...

Twas the night before racing,
And all through the house,
Racers are pacing ...

... trying to make sure they remember all the things on their list.

Sorry, were you expecting that to ryhme with "house"? How I hate to disappoint.

It's been a great Saturday ... started off with some light exercise and a Jugo Juice. Then I stocked up at the St. Lawrence Market and of course, remembered to pick up some clif snot ... uh ... shots. I prepped the bike, packed my things (hopefully ALL of them) and then it was just the usual pre race-day preparations: sit on my ass and stuff my face all. day. long.

I think I've got everything on the list ... so now it's just a matter of NOT sleeping through my alarm (like I did this morning *ahem*) and of course, doing my sun dance with my breakfast.

Hopefully all goes smoothly. Wish me luck at Paris to Ancaster!

PS - Do you think I could get away with headphones on this one?

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