Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Fool

The craziest month is already 8 days in! Holy smokes there's a lot going on. Just getting the last bit of preparation together for the big fundraiser this weekend. Both dad and I are within striking distance of our fundraising goals for the Ride to Conquer Cancer -- hoping the weekend will be a success!

Couple rides planned too which will be good. Found myself on the trainer last night, perish the thought. Gave me a good excuse to watch too many episodes of Mad Men at least ... but while I was doing that I wasn't packing. But at least that helped get my Heart Rate up.

I can hardly believe that just a few short days ago I was lounging in a state of total relaxation at Kelowna's Big White Ski Resort. I have no photos yet, but rest assured Gerhard and I had an amazing time. There wasn't the spring conditions I was expecting, but it DID snow every day so the conditions were pretty okay. We found some great lines through the trees which were perfectly spaced. We oo'd and ahh'd over the snow ghosts the resort is famous for. And we even played Easter Bunny for a day, setting up an epic Easter Egg Hunt all over the mountain for Gerhard's friend's son. We spent 3 glorious days dining, skiing, hot tubbing, easter-egg-hunting, sipping buttered rums, and napping. And we totally jumped on the bed. Thanks Big White for a great vacation!

Disclaimer: if you're spending your own money (luckily, we weren't thanks to G's prize-winning skills) ... maybe look into somewhere else though. It was pretty pricey. Big White = big budget.

So after all that relaxing, it's time for April. I like it better when it's busy so I'm not complaining. After this weekend's fundraiser, there's still Paris to Ancaster, the first Ocup and then moving day to look forward to. Hopefully my mountain bike is all better by next weekend -- starting to get nervous! Hurry up Trek!

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