Thursday, April 15, 2010

Open Call — Carpool!

Since this blog is posted up to facebook as well, I figure it's the best way to spread the word: Carpool!

So far, it's just me all on my lonesome making the drive to Paris to Ancaster on Sunday. Is there anyone who needs a lift? FYI, I'm using the shuttle service from the finish line to the start line in Paris. Because at the end of the day, I just want to eat my complimentary Subway sandwich and then head home to my couch in the least possible amount of time. No desire to deal with bussing etc after 60km in the saddle.

For the Mansfield Ocup, I've got one seat spoken for, and could take up to two more. I don't mind going for the 11:30 race either. I'm also planning on making the trip on Saturday morning for preriding. Just send me a message on facebook or email and we'll set something up.

It'll be the same story, or something similar for all the Ocups.
Benefits to carpooling (as if you didn't know!)
- It's good for the environment!
- Diversify musical tastes!
- Great conversation on the way up ... no pressure to speak at all on the way back!
- Bikes usually fit in the minivan without having to be taken apart!
- Lots of room for you, your bike, your gear and your spares!
- Dog friendly (maybe an extra bit of gas money though so I can vaccuum later)
- It saves us all money :)



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