Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes

Well ... racing is just around the corner and my my my, it's time to get my shiz together.

I'm in the middle of a pretty tough training block at the moment which will see me training through Paris to Ancaster this Sunday. In conjunction with the race, there's also the Grand Opening of the Hamilton Cycling Centre's new Training Centre. Ribbon cutting at 2pm at the Ancaster Rotary Centre. With more than 2,000 riders anticipated for the P2A, something tells me they'll be having a good turnout!

Until last night, I wasn't sure I was actually going to have a trusty steed for this thing, but thank goodness Derek and Sweet Pete's came to the rescue. Turns out the Bontrager wheel-hubs that are afixed to my Trek have a habit of self destructing. It's a common problem apparently. Which is why the part they need to fix it is on back order. Uh-oh. With no delivery in sight, I had to rely on the kindness of friends. Huge thanks to Derek for letting me use his very nice XTR rear wheel and hub. You've got me back on my mountain bike in time to get used to the position again! And thanks also for even letting me take them out on the race course. Fingers crossed that the part gets here soon.

In other news, the road bike is now at the shop too. After 5 years of abuse, my pedals and cleats are ready for retirement. So, a new set of Ultegras have been selected and are soon to be installed, along with a full tune up to keep my girl going. She's got enough kilometres on her right now to get to the moon. I'm scared this is the beginning of the end. When I ride it on the trainer, I can see the bottom bracket dancing around left to right. I don't think they even make some of the parts for it anymore, but she's still a beauty to me.

So, mechanical issues aside, things are set for a great season of XC (and some Super D ... and maybe DH?) in Ontario. My schedule is much more domestic this year because of the Olympics taking up vacation days, and to try and save some money too.

I'm looking forward to having more free weekends, that's for sure. Might actually get to go home to the beach ... or to the cottage ... or even just sleep in on a Sunday! Now that'd be nice!

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