Friday, July 31, 2009

Mountainview Preview

Raced the Mountainview Thursday night series last night -- first time on a mountain bike in a little while. I've been giving some long overdue attention to my road bike these days. Felt funny!

Couple course notes for those yet to check things out:
  • Start climb ... I forgot how much that thing hurts. Thank goodness we just do it once!
  • First long singletrack climb removed and replaced with a highspeed down-up
  • Glassford Grind (technical uphills including tight corners/switchbacks) now only on the 1:30 race course (wasn't it on the 11:30's last season too?)
  • Wicked, challenging single track with lots of flow if you know where to look

Thank you Mountainview! I am looking forward to next Sunday for sure.

This weekend will include a return to Buckwallow which I'm pretty stoked about. Can't beat a day of riding, Weber's and of course a stop at ye ol' swimming hole.

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