Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Preride

Andrew, Tara and I headed up to check out Buckwallow thus breaking Andrew's no-preride streak on the 2009 ocup circuit.

Usually a good idea to preride Buck ... it's a flowy course, except when it's not. Or except when you're not I guess I should say. Logged a satisfying four laps, including one at race pace. Such a nice thing to be able to spend that kind of time on the course, made possible by it not being the day before the race; a first for me this season. Of course, it'll get tracked out, or it'll rain, or the line I so carefully selected will be unavailable due to other racers ... so really the benefits of preriding are in the eye of the beholder I think.

We weren't the only ones up at Buck today either ... ran into plenty of folks from Cycle Solutions and of course, Sweet Pete's: Jerome was kind enough to pace my hot lap and even went so far as to heckle me which worked wonders. Then as I was leaving, a klutzy, tired, biking disaster, I ran into Martin and Ivan too.

Getting packed up at the car, a deer came over to check things out and she stuck around for a while ... methinks she's used to seeing riders, but riders weren't used to seeing her, as evidenced by the poor old dude that almost t-boned her while she stood on the trail. Luckily, disaster was averted.

After a long day (exacerbated by Highway 400 nonsense), I was happy to get back to the homestead and discovered new neighbours living under the porch!

And now? Eat until I pass out.


PS - check out my horoscope today: "You will, today, lay the foundation for a more solid, stable, successful future." I think that means next Sunday will be solid, stable and successful!

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  1. Oh look...twins! How cute...I bet they are waiting for garbage.