Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buckwallow Fundae

Have I mentioned Buckwallow is my favourite?

That's why this weekend, G and I headed up there for one last taste. Banking on a leisurely Saturday morning drive up, we loaded up the minivan and departed. DVP was smooth sailing but once we got to the 401, it became apparent we were going to need a traffic report. Sure enough, westbound collectors were closed. Thus began our traffic woes. Hoping for better flow on the 400 we pressed on. It wasn't better. It was the worst we'd ever seen it. So bad, that we decided to get off at Major Mac.

I don't want to spend too much time griping about traffic because even though it took us double the time to get up there, and even though we were crabby, car sick and thinking about calling it quits at about Wonderland, we ended up having a great great day.

So more on that ...

We got to Buckwallow just after two and rode until almost 6. I think we hit every single trail Buckwallow has to offer ... even The Weasel which was just retarded. I would like to know who's cleaned that trail start to finish, no dabs. Wowsa.

G is new to mtb as you may recall from previous posts, but when we go riding it's easy to forget that. Which is nice. Today he was aboard Trek's Fuel 9.8 ... a carbon, XT-equipped beauty.

Buckwallow is a great mix of trails so we checked out everything from gnarly, rooty drops and rocky obstacle-courses to fast and flowy single track over on Burnt Pine Road. All whilst trying to keep ahead of the mosquitos.

At the end of the day, we hit up Weber's for some burgs and fries and then each had a double scoop for dessert. If you see "Polar Paws" ice cream anywhere, do not delay -- get it.

Calories replenished, we got back on the highway and headed home in the expected amount of time to wrap up the night with a movie and some serious couch-time.

Great day. Huge thanks to Sweet Pete's for the use of the Trek!

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