Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now Playing!

Those close to me know that this summer has marked a bit of a revolution for me. I've been devouring all kinds of materials on our collective diets and am amazed at how easily a complete change in my attitude about what I eat has come about. Who would have thought a Bruce County born-and-bred gal would ever forsake her carniverous tendencies!? Fact! I've been mostly vegetarian now for about two months. The books I've read and the people I've met this year have literally changed my life.

So in my usual "hunting and gathering" efforts for more information and research, I came across this documentary: Food Inc. If you're in Toronto, this is playing at the Cumberland now. It's so important that we do our best to be conscious consumers. As the trailer says, every time you swipe a bar code, you are voting on the future of food production.

Check out the trailer, and consider leaving-out meat for dinner tonight. Or even better, keep it raw!

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