Thursday, February 10, 2011

Put to the test

Big night in Base Camp spinning group! 20 minute test night. Glad to put another one of those behind me! The hardest part of a fitness test such as this is the anticipation. All day I was dreading those few sufferable minutes and it's never the hell we think it's going to be.

Tonight though I think I was saved because with less than an hour before class I got an email asking if I would step in as instructor!! Daffyd our regular leader was delayed at the office. So even though I've never led a spinning class before I agreed to help out. In comparison to the unknown territory of "Spin Instructor", a 20 minute test all of a sudden seemd like small potatoes.

It's funny because although I write speeches for a living, public speaking is so not one of my favourite things. And in spinning class, riding bikes is only half of it. You also have to be someone your spinners can rely on to talk enough that the time doesn't drag on, but at the same time, you can't talk too much.

Then there's music selection.

Then there's actually making the music thingy play.

And not to mention everybody is looking at you while you sweat.

Anyway, I made it through it all, and actually enjoyed it too, so maybe there's an oppotunity there that I hadn't thought of before.

Much respect to our regular instructor Daffyd who makes all that look easy. I'll think twice before I chirp about time keeping or ask him to repeat the workout (again) from now on. Perspective!

I'm kind of bonking at this point, so I think that means the test went well. Although I don't think it's doing much for this blog post. So I'll cut this off here, and take my tired body to bed, satisfied with both the evening's performances.

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