Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Pineapple Project

G and I are in the pineapple business!

After a conversation ages ago along the lines of "wait a minute ... where do pineapples come from?" we did some googling and found out that pineapples come from a type of plant called a "bromeliad" and in fact, the bromeliad that produces pineapples is the only bromeliad that produces any fruit at all. Even that's a stretch though because pinapple is actually a bunch of pulpy flowers all squished together in a helix that adheres to the fibonnacci sequence making it truly a "golden" (and delicious) snack.

So pictured above is step one.

You just twist the top off of a quality pineapple from your grocery store, cut off any excess fruit and remove the lower leaves from the stalk so that about an inch is exposed. Drop it into a glass of water, change for fresh H20 every few days, and in about three weeks, new roots should form!

Stay tuned and I'll update you on our next step: potting!

PS - ignore the Moet in the pic. That has nothing to do with pineapples.

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