Saturday, February 19, 2011

DailyMile Meet Up!

You may have noticed the widgets on my side bar, or the occasional tweet or facebook update concerning DailyMile. If this is the first you've heard of it, basically it's an online training log with social media layered over top. Well today, my dailymile "friends" and I thought we'd meet up offline and in-person. 9am, Distillery District running about 8km down Cherry Street and across the waterfront to Leslie, then back along Commissioners. It's a familiar route for speedwork on the bike, but on foot it seemed all new again.

I'm all for workouts in groups. But I've never been on a group run before so I was kind of nervous. I shouldn't have been -- everyone was amazingly friendly, and to my surprise, I was able to keep a pretty great pace (at least according to the voice in my ear buds ... I think he was saying 5:11 or 5:13 most of the time). I was even running at the FRONT of the pack. Woo hoo!

The one downer was that the weather was kind of unfriendly with its wind and snow. Especially compared to yesterday's random tropical interruption. But once we got started it really wasn't that bad. That will make me think twice the next time I say "it's too cold to go out".

Afterwards, we continued our socializing at Fig's on Queen for brunch. I had my first waffle in ages and learned that my fellow dailymilers included IT whizzes (i learned so much about my iPhone it was embarrassing), fashion designers, english majors and ex-navy seals. It was a great morning on all counts.

Thanks everyone for an awesome time!

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