Monday, July 19, 2010

Under Attack


Saturday: Fit as a Fiddle. Closed the day with a robust night ride at Albion Hills with D-Rock. At 11:00pm I was feeling better than fine.

Sunday, 6:30am - awakened from dreams about sore throats with actual sore throat. Swallowing difficult. Much pain, ugly swelling, zebra stripes.

7:00am - attempt to find walk-in clinic open on a Sunday

7:30am - give up and go back to bed

11:30am - wake up again (where'd 4 hours go?!)

12:33pm - Arrive at the ER at St. Joseph's hospital, since there seemed to be no clinics open

1:00pm - All registered, followed "the black line" to the fast track area, where there were about 50 other people waiting. Felt sure I'd be there til 4pm

1:05pm - Actaul Fast Track! Saw a doctor, prescription in hand, on my way out. Verdict? Strep. WHAT?!

1:30pm - waiting for Gerhard to pick me up, I'm almost laughing at how annoying a summer case of strep throat is, and at how random it all seems. Just my luck. I feel totally fine except for the sore throat.

2:00pm - first dose of pennicilin

2:30pm - no longer laughing.

3:00pm - Fever. Chills. Sweating. Clammy. Dizziness. Nausea. Headache. WTF.

4:00pm - Call mom (Because I was feeling miserable and wanted my mom, okay?). Mom says mom things, then says to call Telehealth.

4:10pm - Fever 39.0C. Telehealth assures me that this is all just the Strep and I am NOT having a reaction to Penicilen, even though things didn't start to go really south until I took it. She says I'll be contagious for 24 hours after my first dose because that's how long it takes for the antibiotic to get a foothold in my system.
Until then, she warns I'd likely only feel worse. Great.

5:30pm - Fever still climbing, 39.2C. Crazy dreams. Lots of whining.

Sleeping and popsicles until about midnight. Fever at midnight: 38C. Alright!!

Now it is 8:50am, only four more hours til the penicilin takes. At that point I'm assuming I'll start to feel better.

This blows. It's not like I had training to do or anything!!!

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