Friday, July 16, 2010

Bike For Sale!

I never like to do this, but one of my babies needs a new, better home.

I bought my STP SS to help me improve my skills for XC riding, but since I am now a perfect rider and awe-inspiring technician, I don't need it anymore and it's just collecting dust.

Okay, that's not quite accurate ... but the part about it collecting dust is, and it ought to be ridden.

Since it's a single speed, it's taught me about momentum. Since it's a jumper, with flat pedals, I've learned a lot about skills like bunny hopping, cornering and even some jumping. Imagine what it could do for your riding! How much fun could you have this winter at Joyride!?

The bike is practically new, since I only really played with it in the fall of 2008 -- since then it's mostly been transporting me on the odd errand if it happens to be the bike closest to the door. Or if I just want to look cool.

Seems a shame to reduce this beauty to "commuter" or "fashion accessory" so it needs a better home.

Asking 600 or best offer. One small nick in the top tube (cosmetic only). Parts completely stock. Test rides welcome. Happy Trails.

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