Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top Ten Reasons To Skip Mountainview

1.) Never got a chance to preride

2.) Would have interfered with satisfying every junk food craving imaginable this weekend

3.) I would have got my bike dirty.

4.) Even worse, I would have got my shoes dirty.

5.) I saved money on gas!

6.) My house wouldn't look as good as it does now, thanks to an IKEA excursion (G and I now actually LIVE here, without any boxes!)

7.) I'm saving my back and my knees for the epic Ride to Conquer Cancer 200 mile adventure

8.) I'll have time this afternoon for a road ride in the sun (apparently it's on its way)

9.) I'm using my rainy Sunday to do some writing on the raw food book (at our new desk!) instead of sitting in the mall parking lot in Midland

10.) Weekends feel so much longer when there's no race to cater to.

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