Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bear charges woman north of Orillia

Hey, watch out all you northern and near-northern riders!! Carry bear spray! Your bears seem to be hungry ...

ORILLIA, ONT.—A woman riding her bike near the woods northwest of Orillia, Ont., is the latest person in that part of the province to be chased by a bear.

Police say the woman dialed 911 on a cellphone while still riding as the bear weighing about 135 kilograms — or 300 pounds — charged toward her from the tree line.

She flagged down a passing motorist, ditched her bike, and climbed inside the car as the bear ran off.

Late last month, a man was sent to hospital after being mauled by a bear north of Orillia.

And another man was able to speed off on his ATV when a bear charged him in the same area.

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  1. Be nice feed the bears. I live close to both, bet the cubs were near. Only possible reason. Not hungry just protective