Thursday, December 17, 2009

... on Training

Dear Diary,

Am I doing my training right? Do I know what I'm doing? I hope so -- I mean it's been a few years now and I'm still seeing progress every year, so I must have picked up something by way of "lessons learned in how to train".

But for some reason, I have this fear that I'm behind. Or doing it wrong. Or not doing enough. Should I get a coach? Should I abandon my DIY home-gym plans and just suck up the membership fees down the street? Turns out dumbells and all that are pricey and the cost is holding me back from making purchases, which is holding me back from strength exercises, which is stressing me out.

Maybe I should take a cue from Nike (and Tiger Woods by extension) and "Just Do It" -- go back to the gym in all its routine glory.

What about the trainer? Do I ride it enough? What's a two-hour ride? Is it long? Is it short -- should I be doing three hour trainer sessions? What's a one-hour ride? Just a waste of time?

How is it that a whole day can go by without room for a work-out? It's closer to January than November, and it's high time I found my rythm. Where is it?!


  1. get a medicine ball, they're cheap, versatile, and you can get one at running stores.
    also, two hours on the trainer is LONG. and one hour sessions are not a waste of time, as was told to me by carrie.
    i haven't started training yet, i will start in january. i am just trying to limit my losses until then.

  2. sometimes I just freak out. Gerhard got me a fitness ball (theraband!) for Christmas so I already feel a thousand times better. Came with handy poster and everything!

    See you for skiing!!