Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Training Partner

I decided to try out Maya on a run this morning. She turned out to be an excellent training partner, never getting under foot or pulling on the leash. What a treat! Maya is a bit of a character though, and we are still working on getting over bridges of any kind and for now I just let her have her way when it comes to anything metal on the route -- she doesn't like her paws touching it or getting wet for that matter.

What a dog.

Today we ran to the canal, and then back along the Waterfront Trail in St. Catharines. Another great run despite the rain and sloppy conditions. The Garmin ("G") helped us find our way back after I got us a little lost which impressed me immensely.

Later, I used it to direct me while driving from St. Catharines to my sister's new place in Southampton. It works great in the car, on foot and I'm sure on the bike it will be a huge help too.

Anyway, after a big dinner, and a few libations, I'm looking forward to my Southampton run tomorrow already!

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