Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joyride 150

The rumours are true ... Markham's new indoor mountain bike park is the shiz. Since I didn't have any Christmas appointments until dinner, I decided to check it out. A quick visit to their website confirmed they were open, and I was on my way, telling myself I'd just ride for an hour "to see".

Two hours later and I had to drag myself out of there.

They have a great XC track with berms, log-overs, flow and corners aplenty. There's also a pump track, skills section, and even a foam pit. Wish I'd brought both bikes!

Of course, I did have to "pay to play". Allow me to share my wipe out story: I had that masochistic thought -- just one more skinny -- that's up there with calling 'last run'. Never a good idea. I rode all of the skinnies on offer but my favourite (haha, they were all my favourite!!) was a real 20-foot log with a flattened top. It was teamed up with a ladder bridge ending in a cool little multi-line oval.

At the end of the log ride, there was a wedge-ramp. My back wheel hit it with a bit of oomph, it broke a small piece off, and I slid out, landing shin first into the neighbouring ladderbridge.

The skinny in question ...

So much for showing off! So off I hobbled to the change room and even despite a stinging lower-leg, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face if I tried. JOY ride indeed. And afterall, isn't Joy what Christmas is all about?!

Let me know if you ever need company for a trip to Joy Ride. I'm IN!

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