Thursday, April 30, 2009

Race Tracks

I first heard Alice in Videoland's song "Lay me down" on Yeti Cycles' video from the 2008 WC at Mont Ste Anne. It's sassy, poppy goodness, and the Yeti riders — Leov, Blenkinsop and Gwin — make it look rad. If I was Alice and Videoland, I'd make it my official music video.

I made the trip east to watch that race, and do some shredding myself. It was a muddy (but still awesome) three days of riding. The sun came out for race day, and we cheered on the riders from the side of the course, beers in hand.

That week was my first time downhilling. Today I registered with the OCA for my first DH race this weekend at Kelso.

And that's why "Lay Me Down" is the latest Race Track. My ode to Downhill!

Wish me luck!

PS - the trail photo in this blog's header is a primo MSA DH run.

Me, riding DH at MSA, 2008

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