Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Race Season just got a hell of lot less stressful. As of today, I am no longer a renter! I am no longer a beggar! I am no longer a detour on someone else's route!

I am a minivan owner!!

My best sponsors -- Mom and Dad -- really upped the ante on this year's support and put my name on the ownership papers of a 2004 Dodge Caravan. I had the pleasure of driving it from Bruce County to Toronto today and it was a dream come true. I kept looking around me and smiling out loud. Every hour or so it would hit me again: I have a vehicle of my very own!

I am guessing this beautiful gift will fit at least six bikes. Since I only have three, I'll never have to choose. I'll never have to worry about "carfew". I'll never have to worry about filling up the tank "just so" in order not to rip off the rental car company, or make too generous a donation. I don't have to worry about which Autoshare car is available, or when I can get around to pick it up. And I don't have to think twice about heading out for the weekend to races, to the cottage, to the beach or wherever I want to go.

So today was a good day. Now all I need are some soccer balls (and maybe a racing stripe!) ...

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  1. Nice photo by Dad!
    Great could be in a commercial!

    Enjoy your wheels, all 10 of them.

    Love you