Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Eggs!

This is an email I just sent to my teammates at Sweet Petes:

Two things ...

Just wanted to mention Cycling Dirt ( to everyone. It's a new website, been up since beginning of this year, focussing on MTB and CX. A lot of pros are on it linking to their blogs, or blogging through Cycling Dirt. And also a lot of community members such as ourselves, too. You can write articles and submit them, post up photos and keep a personal profile where people can comment and network. And perhaps the best part are all the video features covering our events. Finally! Someone's putting the spotlight on XC! It's basically like facebook for bikes! What are you waiting for? Sign up, and see you there! (My screen name is krislake so look me up!)

The second thing is that Steve Neal (Ontario coach extraordinaire) has started a new website as well: and it has a forum. It's a great place to ask all those burning training questions you have. He's quick to respond and a huge resource. Take advantage!

Cheers all! Best of luck to those racing Good Friday and see the rest of you at P2A!!

Happy Easter,


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