Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm IN.

I can't think of a better occasion to start up this blog again than to make this announcement. Ready? I am finally going to compete in the item that's been languishing at the top of my bucket list since they started running it: the BC Bike Race

The event is a seven-day stage race, starting June 28, 2014. I'll be racing in the solo/open category on a course that's been called the most marvellous on earth, if you're one for the singletrack. Which I most certainly am. So friends, mark your calendars and shine up your cowbells. It's only ten months and 12 days away. 

I'll keep this post short but close with the promise of more blogging as I prepare for what is sure to be the most challenging event of my cycling career. But in the meantime, I want to say thank you to my husband, Gerhard, who rather than balk at the crazy idea (what with the cost, the commitment, the up-in-the-airness of our lives), said "I think you'd better do it" almost before I'd got the words out of my mouth. Feeling pretty lucky these days. 

Lots to catch up on, so stay tuned. And check out the video below to get a taste of the adventure that's waiting! 

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