Thursday, December 2, 2010

Business and Pleasure! Cycling Camp in Colorado!

If you're like me, a camp that combines the business of training with the pleasure of gravity assisted sliding sports (skiing or snowboarding) is exactly the kind of thing you'd want to see under the Christmas tree.

Aldo and Renee are trusted coaches of mine from seasons past (they also run a camp in Alabama that I've been known to frequent). Not only do they have a wealth of solid, tried and tested cycling knowledge to share with you, they know exactly what the cyclist-in-training is looking for: good food (and lots of it), good routes/rides that help you accomplish your training goals, and comfy cozy accomodations.

They've got all that in spades. Plus, their newest camp in Colorado also happens to be very close to a ski hill, which brings all new meaning to the term "active recovery!!"

Hope you get the chance to train with them!

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