Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inspect Her Gadget

So I have a new toy ... and I've filled it up with all kinds of wonderful things. Now it seems like everytime I do a workout I've got some anonymous internet-types (and a few people I actually know) to tell! And in a variety of different mediums!

My boss was kind enough to bring in his "Nike+" gizmos so I can connect with all the runners out there. That fits into my iPod but also spurred me to look up the Nike+ app for iPhone and I found out it does all kinds of neat things ... apparently even Lance Armstrong has been known to show up on your workout (well .. in your earphones) to encourage you before cueing up the next "power song". What?! I'm ready to hit the pavement just to see what Lance says!

Then there's this "iFitness" thing I downloaded that shows you different workouts for the limb/core area of your choice with just one tap of the finger. But you can also log your daily weight and it tells you all about your BMI (which means nothing to me but apparently I'm "normal" anyway).

I also log on to "Daily Mile" (which you can access via the donut on the left nav) to share some workouts and spy on the other runners and cyclists in my life (or at least the five of them also on Daily Mile).

Then there's Garmin connect that goes with my other favourite gadget, my Edge 705.

With all these options for posting, I can see how you might wonder when I'll actually have time to do the training I'll report on.

Sometimes, and I'm sure all of us who spend long hours getting ready for the next season know what I'm talking about ... sometimes you just need a new toy to trick yourself into getting the work done. It's still early for fooling myself, but there's lots of time yet for more apps, more gear, perhaps a new sport and all the other accoutrements of life as an "endor-fiend"*.

*See Gerhard's feature, "Science of the Stoke" in the tech issue of Snowboard Canada to find out more about endor-fiends ... a great subject for a later blog!!

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  1. Hey Kris- careful about falling into the BMI trap. As an athlete you have more muscle therefore weigh more- and since BMI is based on height and weight it isn't very accurate.