Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone is having a great time tricking and treating. Pumpkin carving will commence at our house very soon I'm sure (just waiting for the head pumpkin-carver to get out of bed ...)

Sadly, this is the second Halloween in a row that I've been too sick to do much about. After encouraging signs (read: advanced fooling myself) that I was on the mend, a wedding on Friday night -- with its late night, dancing, chatting and libations -- put me right back to square one with a throat so sore I couldn't speak. Don't worry, once again I won't be touching/contaminating any candy meant for children.

The other thing I was looking forward to this weekend was training. But I had to cancel two glorious road rides and an orientation class at this kettle bell gym down the street called "Ironkore" where "buns of steel are no match for balls of iron". I know the crossfitters get a lot out of their their kettle bell training so I was interested in checking it out. They are very focused on getting their clients off on the right foot with proper technique so you have to take classes before you work your way up to an "open gym membership". It sounds like an awesome workout and you don't even have to wear shoes, which I like. Guess I'll have to take a raincheque. So far, winter training is off to a great start. hrm.

I DID manage to sign up for a gym membership though. I'm officially a Goodlifer now. A colleague of mine at work used to be an aquafit instructor there. When I told her I joined up she welcomed me to "the cult". Cult comment notwithstanding, I like it already and I haven't even done a workout. Their rates are lower than Extreme (my last gym -- not recommended), I can cancel at any time for 99 bucks, OR for five bucks I can put my membership on hold for six months. No enrolment fee, pus, they have a pool and they gave me a sweet bag. OH, and I don't have to start actually paying until January. It all sounds too good to be true to me as well so I'll let you know when it becomes clear which part of all the fine print I didn't understand correctly.

Also aiming to get started on yoga again. There's a Moksha just down at Bloor and Jane and they have a special introductory offer -- $40 for all the yoga you can do in a month. So November/December will have four weeks of intense yoga to a) get my money's worth and b) kick start my return to stretching and flexibility.

Apparently, there's a new yoga place in Port Elgin as well which I'm excited to try out. They've got hot classes, unheated classes, and a couple different yoga disciplines. Even a class called "yoga for regular guys" which is great, because one thing Port Elgin has in abundance is "regular guys". Anyway, it's great to know there's a place in Port for when I go home -- especially because my sister is getting into it as well so I'll have someone to go with.

All in all I'm very excited about all the things going on for winter training ... I can't wait until I can actually start DOING them.

Signing off from the couch, with tea,

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  1. sucks that you're still sick :(
    i'm already on to the cough-that-will-last-a-month phase. did your dr. give you drugs?
    also i lovelovelove hot yoga. went to a moksha place near me a few years ago (i did it in the summer for some reason, i like to sweat). have fun with it! i also agree to your barefoot comment, i like it better that way too, down with shoes!