Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Thanks to the influence of the snowboarders in my life, the Deep Winter Photo Challenge is something I look forward to every year. And then I hear about the Deep Summer photo Challenge ... what?!

Competitors' slide shows are now starting to show up on the internet and you don't want to skip over these. I found the below from the Coastal Riders' blog, and it wasn't even one of the top 3! If you read their post, you'll see that Jordan Manley won the show. Looked him up and if I can just add an aside: if you're looking for gift ideas, I'll take any one of his prints. Especially this one:

Here's the slide show from runner-up "wild card"Adrian Marcoux:

Deep Summer Slide show from Dirt Tales on Vimeo.

Steven Lloyd's entry:

Deep summer photo comp whistler 2010 steve lloyd from steven lloyd on Vimeo.

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