Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter WOW

This weekend is the annual Winter WOW: the race that has historically been the end of my season ... or the beginning of the next.

This year, since I have been a lazy, H1N1 afflicted couch potato, I guess we'll call it the kick-off to 2010.

If you're interested in lining up on Sunday, here are the details:
  • Day of registration fee: $50 in cash or credit (no cheques!)
  • Location: Mansfield, 40km of no-laps single track! Never the same trail twice, folks!
  • Start time: 10am, in two waves
  • Extra incentive: Chili feed included in your entry fee (with BROWNIE!)
Interesting observation I hesitate to make, lest I jinx the whole thing, but I only get to race this thing about every-other-year because every-other-year, I've sold my bike by the time the race comes around.

So let me paint you a picture ...
  • 2004 - I raced, bare arms and knee warmers
  • 2005 and 2006 - I didn't race but I think it was wet and cold
  • 2007 - I raced, and it was more than ten degrees out and sunny
  • 2008 - I sold my bike and didn't race ... it was a suffer fest pushing through unrideable fresh snow.
  • 2009 - Planning on showing up (especially now that I've posted it) and the forecast is looking like a repeat of '07.
... things that make me go "hmmmm". I wish I had the same kind of luck for Ocups!

Hope lots of ladies come out (KK ... I'm talking to you!!)

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