Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stop, Drop and Roll!

Photo cred: Monk. Don Ride, Fall 2007

The other day, I was rolling along with a friend for some tempo riding before heading into the office. It was a perfect morning. The trails were bathed in sunlight poking through the new lush green leaves that seemed to have arrived overnight. Work had been so busy I'd had precious few moments to get out on the bike so I was really reveling in these few stolen hours.

It's amazing how fast everything can change.

After riding The Ridge, we (or rather, I) decided we should go over to Training Loop. Randall was more interested in riding the Upper Don, hitting such favourites as Party Atmosphere and Catalyst, but some of those trails are just too technical to get the steady work in that I felt I needed. So I convinced him to follow me to Training Loop. Should have listened to Randall.

Training Loop was not dry. I ended up back in the mud, and back in the bad memories of Albion Pits. Maybe that's what had me distracted? Because the next thing I knew, I was falling off the top of an oft'-rode ladder bridge four feet off the ground.

It's funny how things go slow motion in times like these. I felt like time froze as I dangled off-balance somewhere between riding-out and falling-off. It seemed an eternity to reach the brick-strewn dirt below. All I was thinking over and over was "omigawd, collarbones!" I remember actually having time to think it through, and decide the best way to avoid breaking a clavical would be to tuck and roll.

In the end, my collarbones were intact, but I'd cleverly used my knee to break my fall. A busted clavical will put you out for 6 weeks. My knee is better today. So although it is still very brightly coloured, cost me a race, a day of work and a bit of spirit, I'm now back in the saddle. I'm hungry, haven't lost much fitness, and just registered for my very first race in Quebec.

So we'll see how it does this weekend at the Tremblant Canada Cup.

But before I close up this long overdue posting, I'd like to take a moment to thank the folks that keep me rolling.

First, there's Nancy Laythorpe, RMT. She offers her services via housecall as well as at a clinic in the Beaches and will do up a proper receipt for insurance claims (if you are covered through your work). My favourite is a massage with lavendar oils, then I float off to bed. You'll have the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep ever, then wake up energized with all the miles stripped off and good as new. Try it yourself! She's at 416.525.6827 or

And then there's Dr. Henry Candelaria who I first met at the Toronto Athletic Club. He has recently opened his own clinic on College Street in the heart of Little Italy. He is a chiropractor but also certified in accupuncture, ART and is just generally a pretty knowledgeable guy in my estimation. You can follow him on his blog as well for helpful everyday tips on good muscular/skeletal health.

So happy trails, and remember: rubber side down.

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