Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toronto Skills Park

Attention Toronto riders. We need you.

Turns out that the City is actually trying to make good on all its trumpeting about cycling-advocacy. That's a good thing. A really good thing.

For the mountain bike community, that translates to a proposed skills park that's already got a lot going for it. Word is locations have been scouted. Top builders have been approached. And IMBA Canada is backing it.

The only thing missing is the kind of support a park like this needs from the community. It needs riders, builders and people willing to help out keeping it maintained. It needs you.

If you think Toronto needs a Skills Park, then you need to fill out this form. It's been posted on Dropmachine, PinkBike, blogs and sent around on email, and now it's reached you. So please, put down your name.

If you don't think a Skills Park has anything to do with you because that's not the kind of riding you like, then you need to fill out this form. This is just a first step in truly making Toronto a bike-friendly city. Be a part of it.

If you have kids who ride, who might ride, or who just don't ride yet, then you need to fill out this form. Hanging out at a skills park sure beats a lot of the other 'extra-curricular' activities Toronto's youth have found to fill their time.

So that's the bandwagon. Get on it. See you at the park!

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