Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 24 Hour Spin

This weekend, RPM Spin Studio, where I usually do my weekend workouts donated all their bikes to the 24 Hour Spin for the Trillium Health Foundation. So I signed up and went off to the Hershey Centre in Mississauga to claim my workout. I raised more than $200 for the cause. Every year it benefits something different; this year we rode for Trillium Health's Cardiac Care Centre. 

The event was awesome. They took great care of the 1500 participants. The arena had been converted to a jumbo spin studio. Except, where the ipod dock usually sits, they had live bands including Mudmen, Superfreaks, the Cat House Dogs ... and even the Burlington Marching Band. Where the juice bar usually is, they had Starbucks, Booster Juice and Extreme Pita providing free refreshments. Add in some massage therapy, a couple vendors, coloured lights and a great turnout and you start to get the picture. 

I'd like to thank the volunteers especially. They came by at regular intervals to fill up our water bottles, bring us orange wedges and other treats and even fresh towels. So huge thanks to them! 

And for my own 4 hour experience I've posted my real-time updates below, straight from facebook.  

Kris is spinning in the 24-hour spin for Mississauga's Trillium Cardiac Centre. 10:14 - Comment - 
 Kris Lake at 10:15 21 February via Facebook Mobile
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me!!
 Kris Lake at 11:09 21 February via Facebook Mobile
Updates: (cause what else is there to do?) 
1) The lights in here are sooo hot. So I'm melting and it looks like I'm working a lot harder than I am
2) The bands they got are awesome, but even more fun is biking AND singing karaoke at the same time!! 
3) Orange wedges are the best evar
... More updates to come the next time need to fidget.
 Kris Lake at 11:47 21 February via Facebook Mobile
4) Someone just came around offering sweets and squares ... Is this some kind of test? 
5) The Little Prince is an easy, awesome read. Can't believe I'm only reading it for the first time now. Grownups are so silly.
 Kris Lake at 12:06 21 February via Facebook Mobile
6) Punk rock bagpipes. Yeah. You heard me. *stoked*
 Kris Lake at 12:20 21 February via Facebook Mobile
7) I just looked down into one of the recycling bins around me and saw two heiniken bottles. Must have been some hydration going on last night. It's now past noon and I'd like my beer please.
 Kris Lake at 12:25 21 February via Facebook Mobile
8) Every day, your heart beats 100,000 times pushing blood through 70,000 miles of blood vessels.
 Kris Lake at 12:33 21 February via Facebook Mobile
9) This is really starting to hurt. 
10) Snowboarding/skiing/telemarking/one-legged skiing on the big screen now. Sweeeet. 
11) I'd like to thank eload (my sports hydration potion of choice) for sponsoring this event. I have now pocketed enough single serve packets to last all of 09. It's not stealing if they put it out, right?
 Kris Lake at 12:41 21 February via Facebook Mobile
12) I'm now rockin out to "home for a rest" courtesy of The Mudmen. And I'm not drunk. I think this is a first.
 Kris Lake at 12:49 21 February via Facebook Mobile
13) The Raptor was here earlier. Last time I saw him he ate an innocent spectator. I was happy to get away with just a hug. Sucks to be him though. I wouldn't hug me. I'm really gross.
 Kris Lake at 12:53 21 February via Facebook Mobile
14) About to cross a line: longest training ride of 09 so far!! And still another 90 minutes to go. Oh man.
 Kris Lake at 13:01 21 February via Facebook Mobile
15) Praise Jesus for Star Wars and Disco. Together at last!
 Kris Lake at 13:17 21 February via Facebook Mobile
16) I'd like to get off this ride now ... Pukey pukey.
 Kris Lake at 13:40 21 February via Facebook Mobile
17) Ugh. This is a very dark place ... With a light at the end of the tunnel!! I'm so getting a cupcake after this.
 Kris Lake at 13:47 21 February via Facebook Mobile
18) I just had a jooster boose and I am HAPPY again!! Almost done :)
 Kris Lake at 14:02 21 February via Facebook Mobile
19) All done!! Thanks for tuning in. I'm now going to nap the crap out of the afternoon. After my cupcake, of course. 

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